School Transportation

Our mission is using technology to bring student transportation into a new age enabling innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

What we do & How can we help

ShuriBus is a school transportation platform that connects parents, schools, and bus companies to offer the safest transportation experience to students by accessing real-time data of buses. We provide optimized transportation solutions to fulfill daily transportation needs. ShuriBus is a one-stop partner for all types of schools at all levels.

ShuriBus - a complete suite for student transportation management.

Some of the best features of Our Apps!

Routing & Tracking

Through GPS vehicle location, parents, school authorities, and transport companies are able to track bus movements. This is to improve safety and accountability.

Superior student experience

Students attendance is taken daily before entering the bus and after the journey back home is completed.

Real time notifications

To keep all parties informed, parents and school staff are made aware of every update in regards to students travel.

Reduced carbon footprint

Vehicles account for most of the greenhouse gas emissions. ShuriBus is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by replacing a significant number of cars on the road with school buses.

Our ShuriBus Services Apps

School Transport Manager App

With our school transport manager App, you can manage your school bus fleets efficiently with no hassle. The App helps in vehicle maintenance, route optimization, etc.

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Company Transport Manager App

In case you were struggling with managing your drivers, fleets, customers; ShuriBus is coming to your rescue

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Parent Mobile App

Worried about the safety of your children going to school? We have a solution for you: Parents App! With this app, you can get real-time updates about your children whereabouts, attendance status and many more.

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Driver Mobile App

If you are a school bus driver, we also brought you an innovative way of managing students. Our Driver Console App helps to monitor students, communicate with parents, etc.

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